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Well HI! My name is Angélica and i really like books. I love Books. LOVE THEM. Also i'm 18, a writer who play Quidditch for Slytherin, travel in a blue box with a mad man, solve cases with a sociopath, hunt demons in an Impala with my parabatai and won the hunger games.

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you can see my face

Harry Potter + tumblr text posts

 My face is a dark pool, hiding everything, showing nothing. She thought of all the names she had worn: Arry, Weasel, Squab, Cat of the Canals. She thought of the stupid girl from Winterfell called Arya Horseface. Names did not matter. “I can pay the price. Give me a face.”

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Can someone please tell me where are these Jessa canons coming? i want to read them too!

Cassandra Clare wrote a jessa cannon it’s on her tumblr cassandraclare

Thank you! ^^

I gotta get back to Hogwarts, 
I gotta get back to school. 
I gotta get myself to Hogwarts, 
Where everyone thinks I’m cool.

Now I can start reading! I’m so excited about this!!

Anonymous:  A little baby elephant stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. Handing the note to you and you open it and it says "I love you and you are a very wonderful, loved person". Pass it on to ten people on your dash anonymously.

This is so sweet! ^^ thank you anon(:



De-stressing with little Clary and Simon ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

There is a ton of terrific TMI fanart at this blog!


TID appreciation week → Day 1: Favorite Character

It was hard to chose between Tessa and Jem! I ended up picking Tessa. ”Men may be stronger, but it is women who endure.”

Also check out my new Shadowhunter blog (still under construction).



Can someone please tell me where are these Jessa canons coming? i want to read them too!

Like the canon sexytimes? It’s all on Cassie’s blog :) She wrote a short story for Jessa. The last part will be posted tomorrow.

Oh! Thank you! I need to check her blog rn